Project Viability for the One-UN Common Premises

Project Viability for the Establishment of the One-UN Common Premises in Jordan


Working in close association with the UN Operational Management Team and the UN Resident Coordinator, Minerva ESC provided full  technical support for the first three stages of the process of establishing common premises which is the pre-design phasebased on the UN TTCP processes and requirements. The Project requirementslocation,  constriction options, funding scenarios, and viability were investigated. The feasibility study included a detailed life-cycle analysis for the expected capital costs and the projected operational expenses, based on detailed space calculations and schematic standard and innovative “Green” designs. Detailed Owner’s Design Requirements, Basis of Design, and construction strategies documentations are also developed. Moreover, to ensure sustainable operation of the premises, future facility management interventions were detailed in the study, which considered expected future institutional growth. 

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