Our Mission


Minerva Engineering Services & Consulting Ltd. is based on the Roman goddess Minerva who represents wisdom and strategic warfare while sponsoring the arts, trade, and strategy. Minerva ESC represents this goddess by using creativity, expertise with varying backgrounds and the knowledge to have success in all projects it takes on.


Minerva ESC provides unique environmentally vigilant engineering consultancy while incorporating multidisciplinary approaches. Therefore, Minerva maintains highly experienced staff with diverse backgrounds in international and national bodies in the private and public sector. Our team of professionals analyzes each case assiduously in order to yield a costumed solution specialized for each client, giving them a streamlined project with the support of every specifics and solution from every angle. Our services focus on smart engineering when it comes to projects that concentrate on multilayered assessments, with our experience allowing us to report not only on the engineering aspects of projects but also on the community, civil society and governmental entities so we can achieve what we strive for; to give our clients a multidisciplinary approach to all projects while incorporating green and sustainable initiatives and creating a more feasible and safe world.


Our concept is simple – to analyze each step of a project based on the cradle to cradle design concept, to ensure sustainable life-cycle of the project and to produce the most reliable implementation plans.



Our Experience 


The founder of Minerva Engineering Studies and Consulting Ltd. has over 20 years of combined experience which allows Minerva to provide exceptional success to all our client’s projects and satisfy their demands. His experience shows the number of projects and studies done with a variety of international/national NGOs and local municipalities throughout Jordan.

Minerva's previous experiences show how keen we are on incorporating environmental policies or assessing environmental impacts. For instance, we consider climate change issues not only an integral part of the company but an expertise perspective we provide to all our client's needs. Minerva’s well-trained team is always dedicated to deliver special services.



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